Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fun at the Palace in Ludwigsburg

On Monday 19th September we took the kids to Ludwigsburg Palace, the largest baroque castle in Germany. It is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, with lots of fun things to look at and do for the children. At this time of the year they hold the Pumpkin Festival display which was fantastic and I will show more of these pictures over here on Monday.

Now what do all little boys love?

Why dinosaurs of course!

Ooh it is very big says Henry as he tentatively walks towards the triceratops.
Nope..too scary!

Now this is a bit more like it.

I wonder if I can push this pumpkin over? Henry thinks as he tries pushing it, while Emily looks on exasperated.

Look at the fountain and ducks, they look like they are having a grand time swimming. Don't fall in Henry!

One of the many pumpkin displays proves the ideal place to have a sit and a chat.

So what do you think of it so far Emily? asks Henry.

Typical boy, couldn't resist sliding down the windscreen!

I hope you didn't dent the bonnet Henry! You didn't? Oh a dinosaur stepped on it. I can see the foot print now. Take care it doesn't come back again and stand on you.

Emily was very taken with some of the pumpkin displays and especially liked this one.

The grounds also had a wonderful playground for children.

Would you like to have a turn at being the frog queen? Oh and king!

No adventure park is complete without a ride in a boat...

Oh look Henry and Emily, you will be going under a bridge house soon.

Henry decides to be brave, and stands up. Come on Emily, you can see much more standing up.

See I told you, isn't this fun, under we go.

'Look', says Henry, a whales mouth...not sure I want to go in there!

Luckily they escaped being swallowed by the whale, only to be tempted by something even more dangerous!

'Look,' says Henry, 'a Gingerbread house.
Come on lets climb over the fence'.

I'd be careful if I was you!

Oh no, look out! Henry points to the window, and Emily looks up startled.


Let's get out of here!

Did they get away? Did they have a lucky escape from the witch's oven?

Looks like they may have done! Phew!

An adventure playground, sounds like a much safer option.

Who is going to drive the train?

I'll be the engine driver Emily, you can be the passenger.

Wow, what are you doing up there?

Surveying your kingdom? Whose face can I see peeking out?

Oh it is you Henry.

Emily is sure she spies something interesting in the distance and is off like a shot!

Oh wow, look at that! A Merry Go Round.

A must for all children.

Very grand indeed.

The grey looks like rather a wild horse.

What's that? You want to ride the black horse Emily?

Wheee, around we go!

Time to get off now Emily, the man is waiting patiently (with a slightly bemused look on his face).

Emily, it doesn't matter if you look the other way, I can still see you and you need to come down now.

That's it, time to say goodbye, after all it was a busy and long day with lots to see and do.


  1. Fantastic! I was enthralled by your photos..what fabulous adventures they had...Brillant!!

  2. What a great place to visit, Henry and Emily look like they had a great adventure.


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