Monday, 5 September 2011

Autumn Swap Fun

Swap Time Folks!

Theme: Autumn/Fall/Winter - this suited us all.

Swap Partners: This was a little more difficult as unfortunately not all who voted have actually committed to the swap, but I have done the best I can trying to suit questionnaires to swap partners. If you have swapped with your partner before (anywhere else) please let me know asap and I will change so that you get someone different for variety. :-)

I will forward your partner's details on to you all so that you can make contact with each other.

Monica (US) & Jackie (US). Monica didn't want to post overseas at this time so I matched with Jackie.

Ronny (UK) & Michelle (US). Ronny would like something for Gregor, and Michelle something for Sasha and it sounds like they will be able to match each other's needs well.

That leaves me with Laura, Rochelle and Myself (although I am waiting for confirmation from one person) so at this stage I have paired both with myself. So in other words I will make something for two partners, but they only have to make something for me.

Laura (UK) & Myself (UK) Laura doesn't want to post overseas at this stage, so I have matched her with myself...

Rochelle (US) & Myself.

Now please email your partner and get to know their likes, dislikes and preferences. This should be fun. The key is communication. It only has to be one item/outfit, or you can include a few extras, entirely up to you. I think it always pays to have a 'post by' date so that people aren't left waiting indefinitely and I think by 30th September should be ample time to either make something or to assemble your swap parcel. It doesn't have to be handmade, it can also be bought, depending on the individuals capabilities. I think the important thing is to think, 'would I like to receive this myself?'.

If you have any queries/questions then do email so I can do my best to either answer or find a solution. Once you have received your swap parcel, don't forget to let me know and preferably with pictures so I can post them on here.

Have Fun!

Edited to add:

I am new to organising a swap, so it has just been pointed out to me that I may have missed out some crucial points ;-) Please do let me know if you need to know anything more.

Do you have to send a specific number of items? Try to agree on this between your partner, as written above I think the minimum should be a specific item/ensemble with perhaps a couple of extras mixed in as you wish.

Do you send pictures beforehand, or is this a surprise swap? I think it should be a surprise swap, but if you also want to swap something particular, or want something particular, then you could also do this if you wish and perhaps in this case a photo would be good to confirm. But the theme is Autumn/Fall/Winter and I personally think surprises are fun and part of the excitement.

Do you just send Sasha items, or do you include a personal item as well for your partner? I hadn't thought of this, and think it is a lovely idea. Again I think I will leave it to your discretion. :-)

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  1. I did not vote but would be happy to take part and pair with one of your two especially as I have until end of month to get something made.


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