Thursday, 8 September 2011

Introducing the red heads.

Yesterday after spending the day on pain inducing housework, I spent a pleasurable time dressing my Sasha family in warmer certainly has been cold here the last few days that is for sure. This meant that most of them were dressed in either their original clothing, or clothing they came in, so I am going to have to get busy with both the sewing machine and knitting needles to make them some more suitable Autumn and Winter wear.

All of my dolls are named...just as all my cavies were/are named when I was breeding & exhibiting them, and even dare I admit it but my cacti that I used to 'collect' as a teenager ...I seem to recall they all had names beginning with 'H'. Yes I really must be a strange one.

From left to right:

Patrick Gregor, wearing his Green cord outfit came all the way from the USA, Judy (a later Sasha), Jane and my adorable little 1968/69 Shorts Gregor, James.

Mustn't forget my lovely Gotz large head, yellow eyed girl 'Amber'.


  1. What a super bunch of redheads....James and Amber are my favourites..I bet Dee will love your 'kids' know what she is like about a redhead :)

  2. Very nice red haired sasha and gregors...i do like your 68/69 boy especially.. a small shade of green eye here :-)
    They will be needing them warmer clothes....the sun appears to be off elsewhere!


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