Friday, 9 September 2011

My Gotz Sasha Family

I thought I would share my Gotz Sasha family today. Again the photos of these were taken on Wednesday which was an extremely dreary day, so the brightness and clarity of the photos is not the best.

First up are my 'modern' Gotz from left to right:

Angela, Michel (a Scout Uniform is on my wish list, unless I get my act into gear and make one), Maria and Ira.

Next up are my two delightful No Nose Gotz children

Marcia and Jack (who came from Jackie Hyatt in USA, hence his name)

These two girls are Liebe who came to me from Germany and Bethany who I purchased from Shelly.

Lastly we have Emily who is often seen out and about with me at quilting group and other places I may visit.

I think she is one of my most photogenic girls.

Dressing my Sasha doll family in warmer (and in most cases original) clothes for Autumn and photographing them all has made me realise why I am now so utterly flat broke! Little did I know that the 'I'll only buy two, a Gregor and a Sasha' words that I spoke to myself at the beginning of the year as I justified spending money on two dolls (more than I'd ever spent on dolls before in the past) would snowball into the collection I now have!

I still have a wish list but I have sworn to my husband that there will be NO MORE LOOKING or BUYING as I have no will power and of course, now, no more money!

If only I could go back to teaching and playing to earn some income... but sadly that is not going to be a possibility for sometime yet I fear.

Still I have plenty to do with sewing and knitting for them. But must finish some other projects first.


  1. Wonderful pictures of the 'Gotz' kids.
    Sashas are cunning little devils, you let one in your heart and home and before you know where you are they have invited their friends to stay!!

  2. im liking your blonde pale skinned gotz,i liked her the minute i saw her on shellys but she was out of my league, however much i schemed !....sarah x

  3. A very lovely family and I do like your gotz kids at the top.


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