Monday, 12 September 2011

Introducing the blondes & brunettes.

I had planned quite a different post for today, but had an unfortunately accident with my beloved camera yesterday. I dropped it onto hard concrete and now it won't work as I bent the lens in its casing and it won't come on properly. So very sad person am I. Fortunately I still had some photos of my Sasha family to post that I took last week when dressing them in warmer clothes.

Sasha, my first ever Sasha doll who is just gorgeous and is Emily's best friend. They are often seen together and out and about with me. Sasha was also lucky enough to go to New Zealand with me at the beginning of the year when I went to visit my parents.

Next we have my beautiful 'Monica' my lovely 1971 Brunette Sasha, (she has falling hair, but I don't care as I think she is lovely, and I probably wouldn't have been able to have her if she hadn't!). Monica is best friends with Charlotte, also from 1971, but blonde ;-)

Pretty girls.

Now for the rest of the brunette girls.

From left to right: Molly, my waif from the early 70s has green oxidised eyes and brows. Fiona is a 'Red dress' Sasha from mid 70s. Melody is in the middle and is from the early 70s, Mona May my short hair waif is late 70s early 80s I am guessing and on the far right is Marina in the outfit she arrived in.

Now for the lovely blondes.

Sophie (late 70s, early 80s) Serena, Sally, my 1972 Blue Gingham WF sweetie who came from Ted Menton in USA, Serena, a 1970 girl in her blue cord dress and an apron, Susan, 1982/83 'Sweater' and lastly Sarah, another later 70s, early 80s girl.

Phew, what a collection! A couple of the girls here are currently being fostered, and will be moving on when they are ready to 'forever' homes. But in the meantime they are enjoying the company of the other girls and boys.

I find it fascinating how different they all are, and how they seem to have different personalities. It is indeed a learning experience to discover what your tastes are, how they change and also perhaps a very important lesson in 'don't rush in'!

I have been very fortunate in all but one of my purchases (where a doll was incorrectly described, despite specific questions being asked) but I was given a refund on return of that doll (less postage costs of course) and for that I am grateful. I'm sure I have sometimes (often?) paid over the odds... mostly in the early days when I was just discovering these wonderful dolls, but I have also managed to get a few bargains, although not perhaps as bargainous as some people have managed! Still to find that beauty in a charity shop, car boot sale etc...


  1. Lovely girls! I bet they keep you busy making clothes for them all!!

  2. A lovely family of sasha's and all so different!

    And so true that we'their owners' can see their differences and personality and that the more we move into Sasha's world the more our taste changes.


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