Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday Summary - this week's knitting and sewing..

Henry is pleased to have a new sweater - it is his little Ruru (or Morepork) sweater and he is going to have a hat to match it.

'Ball Game' jacket.  Knitted with some of my lovely New Zealand Merino wool

Some new balls of yarn were bought (even though I am supposed to be using my 'stash' only, this variegated wool is such fun)

Of course once bought, I couldn't wait to start knitting with it.

A Christmas sweater

A dress for Maddison.  She thinks this will be a fabulous dress to wear to Peggy Sue's birthday party.

'Mango Sunrise' this dress is available to purchase - will be on my 'Muriel Makes' Facebook page as well as in my Etsy shop (or can be purchased direct from me via my blog)

The light is so bad at the moment it is difficult to get the true colours to show.

Here is another picture of the dress on Sophia.

'Lime Sorbet' another little dress available to purchase.

Peggy Sue's birthday party dress - she was allowed to try it on briefly for size.  

I have also been busy sewing - although I think it was this that gave me a huge pain flare up earlier in the week.  Must work out what I am doing to cause it.

Five more Christmas dresses have been cut out and are currently 'in progress' - pacing myself with these ones to avoid another pain flare up.

Lastly my Secret Santa Swap has been made and is on its way...


  1. You have been so busy! I also have Christmas fabrics waiting and must have a go at sewing some dresses.
    These self patterning wools are such fun. Though I have two boxes full of sock wool I find it hard to resist them and bought three new skeins only last week...

  2. Henry, the boys here in Gregoropolis all love your ball game jacket.


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