Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday Summary - Knitting & Sewing

I have done quite a lot of knitting and sewing over the last couple of weeks.  Mostly for dolls other than Sasha, but also some for Sasha/Gregor.

I will show the Sasha/Gregor items first.

Blue hues, a pretty variegated cardigan, perfect with jeans or over a dress, and just in time for the cold weather! 

I love this wool and colour, I knitted a cardigan with it that I sold with a patchwork skirt and wished I'd kept it, so knitted a sweater with what I had left over.

This pretty dress was snapped up instantly!  They are such pretty colours and something a little different for Sasha.

I designed this simple 'Night Owl' sweater and can see me making some more of these.  Probably better for the more petite Sasha/Gregor, but Susan thinks it is great with jeans.

Knitted with lovely NZ 100%  Merino wool.

Getting ready for Christmas this is a really soft variegated yarn.

The dress that Maddison was modelling above also fitted Peggy Sue who is now disappointed to learn that it won't be hers!

Some pretty Christmas/Party dresses for American Girl dolls.

Lovely long cardigan for Peggy Sue

Which was eventually teamed with a skirt...

...and a knitted short sleeve top

Complete outfit.

I did quite a bit of 'tiny' knitting.

I made a few things for Mini American Girl Melody

This is one

This is another.

I knitted a little wardrobe for my childhood Perfekta doll who had been um, rather neglected for quite a few years and had no clothes!

I also did a little sewing...

This dress is probably going to be for Peggy Sue's birthday...

I also made some Hitty clothes.

A dress for Christmas (I have so far made two of these, one of which was an order)

Knitted a cardigan and made a skirt for Hitty Madge

Another dress (two made like this)

A dress for spring/summer (Two made)


I have also ventured into doll making.

Lucy, and as yet un-named.

Three little dolls for dolls (I want to make at least another two)

A little 6 1/2 inch doll  'Beth Ann' 

and finally my favourite so far, a Raggedy Ann style doll whom I have named Esme.  She is 10 inches tall.


  1. Wow you've been busy! I love the black with bright colours dress Madison is modelling. And the little owl in the blue sweater is so sweet.
    Peggy Sue is ready for the cold season in her elegant outfit.

  2. My word what a productive time you've had with all this knitting and sewing. I particularly like the night owl sweater and the dress which Peggy Sue cannot keep.

  3. Your work is always beautiful. The knitted dresses came out fantastic! Everything looks so well done!


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