Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Peggy Sue's birthday and blogger changes.

Peggy Sue's party posts are over on my other blog...

The morning of the party.

The party itself...


On another note this morning I went to my blogger home page to check my blogs, only to discover to my horror that the whole layout has changed - and not for the best.  Instead of being able to see at a glance which blogs have comments, and my reading list, you now have to 'click' a 'tab' to see the blogs individually and the different instead of one glance to see if there are any comments for example, you now have to make up to four applications.  So to check all four of my main blogs I have to execute up to 16 different moves/pages.   Now perhaps for those with just one blog it is not a problem, but for me, with different blogs to suit different readers and interests it is a nightmare.  I have been blogging for 10 years now and so this is a real shock to the system.  It will certainly put me off using it.  So I will either have to amalgamate it all into one blog, as I really don't need all the extra work this new layout will involve or find a different platform.  Whether that be my own website (I do have one from my Cavy showing and breeding days) or another site, I don't know.

Why do they change things?  I am sure those that do, don't actually USE it.  Change for the sake of change - it really wasn't necessary.  I used to find blogger one of the most user friendly blogging sites there is.  Not any more.

So will be thinking on what to do next.  


  1. We totally agree about the new changes - thumbs down. Blogger should allow people to opt and use the old format.

    1. Indeed they should, I am very frustrated with it. I just can't see how they think this is an 'improvement'. They obviously don't actually use it themselves.

  2. I don't like the new layout either, though I only have one blog. It was much clearer before. I can't think of a reason why they changed it.

    1. Someone 'justifying' their job I am guessing, who has never blogged!


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