Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday Summary - Knitting and Sewing over the last week.

The productive theme continues.

Emily is modelling a Christmas dress 

The back does up with three buttons.

A Christmas Jumper/Sweater modelled by Susan.

It sparkles in the sun!

Does up at the back with a half opening and three buttons.

Maddison says this dress is a keeper for sure!

It goes perfectly with her pink boots.  

Next up some sewing.... 

Emily models this fun Christmas dress - can't believe how fast this time of year is!

Sophia looks pretty in the blue snowman dress.

Maddison is modelling the Christmas Village dress - this is already sold.

Again she is modelling another dress (yes I know the pink boots don't go with the dress, but try telling Maddison that!)

Emily in green snowflakes.

Some non-Sasha knitting..

Matilda (who I think will become Tilly) is wearing a dress knitted for her just in time for Peggy Sue's birthday party.   She has been in a box for a whole year so was very pleased to be let out, although was rather tentative... 


There is much excitement here at Rose Cottage as we approach December and the annual opening of the Advent Calendar...I wonder what it will be this year?!


  1. So many pretty Christmas dresses - I only managed to sew ONE yet (but have enough fabrics lying around...)
    The photo of Tilly beside the Schlumbergera is superb!

    1. Thank you Ursula or your lovely comments, it was a very productive week.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. Tilly is looking very impressive in her new red dress which matches the Christmas cactus so well.

    1. I'm really pleased with that dress, she is very pretty in it.


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