Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday Summary - Knitting & Sewing

 Another busy week knitting with a bit of sewing thrown in.

Rainbow cardigan.

Lovely soft yarn and a fun bright and cheery colour for winter.

I made this mini skirt

Which looks great with the rainbow cardigan.

I can see I will have to make another of these cardigans so Maddison can keep one for herself to go with the skirt.

I've made some new waistcoats and finished three that needed completing.

I have also got two pairs of trousers and four dresses almost finished,

Continuing on with the knitting

This purple dress is something a little different and I think it looks great.

Maddison just refuses to take off her pink boots!

This dress was knitted for an order and is now on its way to the lucky Sasha.

Another dress (photo taken in poor light!)

It also fits Peggy Sue (16-17 inch Schoenhut Miss Dolly)

A yellow dress for Peggy Sue

I knitted a cardigan to go with the dress as it is too cold at this time of year to just wear a sleeveless dress, but the bright and cheery colours will remind her of summer time.

This time a winter dress for Peggy Sue.  As I had sold the other apricot dress I promised her I would knit her another one and thought I would knit long sleeves.

I added a beret, and I think Peggy Sue is pretty pleased with it.

Most of the clothes I show on here are available to purchase either directly from me, on my Muriel Makes Facebook page, or in my Etsy shop


  1. Loving the rainbow cardigan, perfect for the cold winter months ahead.

    1. Thank you Michelle, it is fabulous isn't it?! Definitely what is needed now it is getting so cold and grey.

  2. I love the last knitted dress on Peggy Sue. May I place an order for a dress like that for a Sasha doll? Thank you! :) xxx


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