Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Henry does some baking.

It is Peggy Sue's birthday party tomorrow Henry.  Maddison tells Henry.

Are you ready to do some baking Henry?  Emily asks.

Yes, I have my book that Aunty Dorisanne gave me a couple of years ago at the Sasha Festival.  Henry tells Emily.  It has all sorts of good recipes in it and tips on how to do things.

Brilliant!  The girls chorus.  We can help you as well.

They get the things ready that they will need and put on their aprons - although Henry would have preferred a more 'boyish' apron, he relented and put one on to help keep his clothes clean.

Henry is thrilled to be operating the sunbeam mixer...he has seen the others use it before.

Not too fast Henry.  Emily tells him.

They turn the oven on to get it up to temperature.

Next I need to melt the butter.  Henry says.

He carefully holds the pan while he stirs the butter.

Emily puts the tray in the oven while Henry holds the door open for her.

How long do you think they will take to cook?  Henry asks.

About 45 minutes I think.  Emily replies.

A little later....

The cakes are out of the oven.  

These look good.  Maddison says.

But as with all baking....

There are dishes piled up in the sink.

Do you want help with the washing up Henry?  Maddison asks.

Yes please!  Henry says.

Maddison dries the dishes.

They enjoy chatting while they do it.

They can't wait for the party tomorrow and wonder who will be coming.


  1. This is really a charming story pictorial!

  2. How fun! Way to go, Henry, Maddison and Emily! Happy early Birthday, Peggy Sue!

  3. oh, boy! cake! It wouldn't be a birthday party without it! How nice of you to help with the washing up, Henry. That is nobody's favorite part! Our kids are getting dressed up and ready to come to the party!


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