Friday, 24 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - Workshops, Help & Raffle Items.

Friday morning was the time for the workshops, and there was a great selection to choose from.

Sheila held a crochet workshop and had a table or eager participants at the read.

Susanna held an 'Immitation/Fake' Sasha workshop and had an interesting selection of dolls to illustrate her workshop with.

Marti held a workshop on using vintage hankies to make Sasha clothing.  

Heidi showed how to maintain and look after, and repair Sashas. 

Tom held his interesting photography workshop and also had a group of eager participants

Brenda had  a special table set aside for the important younger members of the Festival and lots of fun things happened there... including fun popcorn for the Sashas for ''Film Night'

Diane took a knitting workshop and there were busy hands seen knitting afterwards as well.


The Helper items were set up and there was a huge selection of goodies to put your tickets into in the hope of winning something.   There were three lots of helper drawings in all.

The pictures show the variety of donations that people made for this part of the festival.


Lastly we have the wonderful Raffle Prizes of which there were three to choose from this year.



Baby Joan


Lastly the wonderful travelling Sasha who spent time touring round Fort Worth amongst the Bluebonnet Doll Club members.  The talented Sadie produced a wonderful video of her travels for 'Film Night'/

So many amazing goodies.

What is also so wonderful to see at these Festivals is the generosity of all who take part in creating and donating to the various auctions, helpers and raffle items.

More to come....


  1. Wow - is all I can say. So I'll say it again. WOW!!! - Jocelyn

  2. Fantastic Lorraine, I have so enjoyed looking at all the goodies!

  3. Thanks Lorraine for keeping us up to date with your great photos of the 2015 Sasha Festival. Much appreciated. Rosie S.

  4. A super record of the raffles and helper's items. Love the cowboy boot bags.
    (Was disappointed though to see that my name was missed out for my contribution of the Ruthsdoll's green check embroidered dress for the Sasha raffle.)

    1. Sadly it seems that sometimes it is inevitable that someone's name gets missed out, not intentionally, but out of the sheer work and effort that goes into organising these things. I know everything was very much appreciated.

  5. great photos...I hardly need to take any as yours are better! Kendal, I feel for you having your name left out. It almost always happens to someone in a group project....I am sure they were appreciative! Marti

  6. it looks like this year's festival had a treasure trove of good things to win, those 3 raffle doll collections are really lovely. and the workshops all looked like they were popular, it must have been hard to choose what to attend.

    1. It certainly did! How I would love to win a raffle one day....mind you getting it home with the weight restrictions would have been a nightmare!

  7. Thank you Lorraine! I am enjoying your Festival posts very much! :) xxx

  8. Wow what lovely rafffle prizes, can't wait to see who won them, at least i can be assured it was not me this time x


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