Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - Children's Fund Auction

Friday afternoon was the time for the Children's Fund Auction which I believed raised in the region of $10,000!  Pretty amazing!

Our wonderful hostess Brenda announces the Auction and also tells us about the Blue Bonnet Charity Tea that will be happening during the auction as well.  The Bluebonnet Doll Club collected teacups and these were all wrapped in tissue paper with a special teabag 'friendship' teabag for us all.  I have yet to find the 'safe place' I put it so I can write about it.   Of course, I may discover it was confiscated by customs as when I got home I realised my bag had been opened and searched by US Customs and Security! It is only now, I realise that something is missing. That is a shame as I was going to use it when I got home!

Sheila is our auctioneer and a very good job she did at it as well, although by the end of it, I think she was getting rather tongue tied with exhaustion!

The items auctioned off are as follows:

I think this was on the bidding list of rather a few people!

So many wonderful goodies!

My auction donations were a hardback copy of 'A Year with Henry'

Plus an outfit for Sasha & Gregor.

I would have loved to have won this for Peggy Sue after she lost her beret last year....good thing she doesn't know this was available!

More photos of the above baby and Crib later on in posot.

Loved this as well!

The bidders are getting younger each year and this young man was delighted to win his first Gregor doll.

The Baby Stine Auction Donation.

This was a very large collaboration and perhaps would have been better as a raffle item.

Some of the items only arrived during the auction and it was decided that it would be better to split it in order to raise more funds.  This of course was sad that it had to be split up, but I can understand why it was done as indeed more money was raised than it would have been if the items had been complete.  Although I have to say as a contributor to this raffle item it is sad to think it wasn't complete.

The following items were auctioned separately.

An absolutely superb contribution with lots of care and attention to detail

Lucky winners of this!

All in all I think there were some very pleased winners of the items from the auction.  There were so many amazing and generous donations from everyone, with much effort and creativity involved.  

Wish I could say I won some bids, but sadly I didn't.

Still more to come....


  1. I'm always amazed at all the wonderful items that are donated for the Children's Fund Auctions. The Sasha people are so kind, thoughtful and truly generous both in the giving and in the buying.
    Just look at that Stine Baby Donation. The time, expense and effort that had gone into that! Whilst it was rather a shame that it was decided to split it up, this way it would most definitely have raised more for those 'needy' children.

    My particular favourite was no 13, Catherine French's girl's school uniform. Out of this world! I remember having to wear a school velour hat just like that!

    Thanks again Lorraine for these superb detailed photos for us, having to 'stay-at-homers!'

    1. The generosity really is quite incredible and I think the Sasha people are a wonderful group of people that make this possible. So many wonderful items to choose from.

      The Baby Stine Donation really was something else and it was exciting to see my story in print - would have loved to have won the book on its own, but of course it had to go with Baby Stine as that was what it was all about!

      Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  2. Really lovely to see such beautiful creations and to know so much was raised. Looks like you've had a great time.

    1. Indeed some really beautiful creations and donations and a fabulous time.

  3. Wonderful festival photos. Thank you Lorraine! It is so nice to see the items sold for the Children's Fund! :) xxx

    1. Isn't it nice to see all the wonderful donations that people made. So much generosity.

  4. Thanks again for your great photos of the Festival. I am looking forward to seeing the rest. Rosie S xxx

  5. I'm betting CFA #91 was donated by Marti M. Gosh, I see quite a few items I'd have loved to bid on. Thanks Lorraine for your thorough and thoughtful effort in letting all of us stay-at-home wannabe attendees see the lovely items.

    1. I'm not actually sure it was Anne, as it was part of the Baby Stine collaboration and I don't think she took part in that...but I could be wrong - it does look very much like one of Marti's outfits. There were some amazing items, quite a few I too would have liked to have bid on and won, none of which I did!

      Glad you are enjoying the posts.


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