Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - Saturday Evening - More Displays & Dinner

Also on display on the Friday night were...

One of Janet Myhill Dabb's Sasha Studio interpretations, plus a series of clothing made by Virginia Lee over the years of her participating in all the Festivals.

What a treat to see all this beautifully made clothing.

All outstandingly made

Three pretty girls.

Just adore these bridal dresses

Beautiful work.

A 'mother' with her children. Mother made by Tim Purk

The same goes for this sweet display which I think may have been Ann's?

Dawn and Ann in deep discussion.

Sue & Heidi - two smiling girls with Pat beside them in deep discussion with others.


The theme for the Saturday night dinner was 'Dressy Sasha' and everyone embraced the theme wholeheartedly - some more than others!

Kurt with his Gregor in matching outfits.

Karen and Kurt.

In the foyer area everyone gather waiting - the anticipation building

Catherine French's two very smart Sasha & Gregor in their outfits.

Henry and Harry catch up with the news of the last year.

Some pretty girls.

More pretty girls.

Oops, it like one has fainted from the anticipation!

Henry and I sat at the Santucci's table which was adorned with some very well dressed Sashas.

Isabelle had hand sewn this stunning dress and cape for the centrepiece auction.  If I remember rightly it went for $350!   

I wandered round the tables and took photos of all the centrepiece auctions - so much variety and skill - all stunning and worthy of bidding on.

Another pair of well dressed Gregor & Sasha in blues and whites

A period piece.

Pretty in blue

Pretty dress made with vintage handkerchiefs

Dress taken from a portrait painting

Let's party

Norvell's handsome pair.

Pretty ballerina

Another pretty dress with Linda deciding to 'photo-bomb' it as she termed it!

After dinner Gail wanted some of us to have a group many attempts does it take to get seven ladies to look the same way at the same time?



Three?  Well almost!

What a fun evening!


  1. I could almost feel all the fun you had, it's lovely to see all the happy faces.


  2. Thank you Lorraine for another great festival post. I think the red headed doll may have been made by Tim Purk, though I am not certain. I think you are correct that Ann made the display with the tied dyed outfit and stuffed animal. The dresses are so beautiful and I love seeing them. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, yes that is who it was and I have just updated the post....I thought someone would be able to remind me.

  3. What a wonderfully 'dressy' Saturday night turned out to be!
    Many thanks for another superb post and with some interesting and super photos that I hadn't seen before. Am now able to put everything in it's right day and place, especially some of the displays that I had previously seen in posts ....but wasn't too sure exactly whether they were.....raffles, Dress a Sasha, Helper's items etc.
    Group photos are notoriously hard to take. It's a pity that you just can't take the best photo of each person and then put them altogether for the perfect photo.

    1. Wasn't it just Kendal? Glad you enjoyed the photos..

      I guess in theory you can...but I would imagine it would be rather time consuming and require a certain amount of patience knitting the various aspects of the photo together. Still we had a lot of fun and laughs in the process.

  4. I love the dressing up, Henry looks very dapper. Did Norvell make the lovely outfits for her handsome pair. As for group photos they are always fun to attempt, I am glad you had a good time.

  5. Thanks yet again Lorraine, another set of lovely photos. Rosie S


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