Monday, 27 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - Dress a Sasha, Sales Room & Gift Exchange

Saturday morning the Dress a Sasha displays were set up.  This year the theme was creativity - demonstrating how you play, use, display and enjoy your Sashas.

There were some wonderful creative displays - shown below.

I believe this was the winner in the adult category - wouldn't we all love a sewing room as neat, tidy and organised as this one?!

I think this was the winner in the teenage category and belonged to Sadie.

Saturday morning was also the day of the Sales Room and this year there were two rooms.

I didn't get round to photograph many tables as I was too busy setting up my table as I had some Children's Fund Auction items available for purchase, some of DollMum's toys available for purchase as well as my own.   These were the two best photos I took.

Linda Hord's amazing quilts - wish I had had time to have a closer look!

Jackie's table with some wonderful dolls available.

Just before lunch was the gift exchange

A lovely array of beautifully wrapped bags on the table.

People gathered round waiting for it to begin

Some obligatory doll dressing going on... chatting 

Finally it started and Boo was the first to have her number drawn out and she goes to choose a gift.

Next up is another youngster, eagerly choosing a gift

Boo opens hers and shows everyone

As does Bailey.

Next we have various adults delighted in their gifts

Showing them off

Heidi shows her little dress and jacket

There were some really great gifts given and received

It was wonderful to watch everyone's expressions as they opened their gifts and showed them off.


  1. The sewing room Sasha was a worthy winner, however it had stiff competition with the other entries. I particularly like the baby Sasha and Gregor in their canoe, such a well thought out display. Those Kaffe Fasset knits look wonderful. The gift exchange looks like it went well this year, what lovely gifts.

    1. Very stiff competition - all so imaginative and creative! The gift exchanged looked to be a great success - it is much better when items don't have to be 'swapped and stolen' and you get to keep what you choose and unwrap.

  2. Great post Lorraine. Everyone is having such a great time. Nice that you captured the gift exchange too! Thank you! :) xxx

    1. I tried to capture bits of everything, even when I wasn't taking part as it is nice to get a good over view of all the fun everyone had, plus sharing in their excitement is worth it :-)

  3. Great post lorraine lovely to see some ols and new faces, thanks for sharing

  4. I'm always interested to see the interpretations of the 'Dress a Sasha competition!'
    It's so wonderful to see what the various collectors come up with and there are always some great new ideas shown.... especially as I personally find it too hard a task to set up scenes like these when using so many props and accessories.
    Hoping that seeing these might spur me on once more to make the effort.


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