Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - Sunday Morning: Raffle & Helper Drawings & Goodbyes.

Sunday morning seemed to come round all too fast.   After breakfast we had the final Helper drawings and the all anticipated Raffle drawings - of which there were three.

The Helper drawings were first...

Boo looks for the lucky winner.

Groups were gathered round at various tables waiting with anticipation to see who would win Helpers and the Raffle

Dawn & Brenda

The time we have all waited for - the announcement of the raffle.

Unfortunately I only managed to capture one almost decent picture of a raffle winner  - not sure why this was - perhaps it was something to do with the leaping around that was going on by at least one of the winners! ;-)

A ticket is drawn....

A lucky winner!  Jenny was thrilled to have won one of the raffle prizes...

Jenny won Sasha and her beautiful wardrobe and accessories

Molly the Cowgirl was won by Carla who was very excited!

Charla (I'm not sure who was more excited, her or her grand-daughter!) won the baby.

During the morning it seems Henry met a new friend....

She looks at him shyly....

....and takes his hand....

Susanna gives Henry a cuddle.

Henry meets Jackie Pitts' lad and they enjoy a good chat

What a great Festival!

Various people had to leave straight after the morning finished, but others went out for the day and returned to the hotel in the evening and a very larger group gathered in the late afternoon/early evening for drinks and chatted about their time.  For some it continued well into the very late evening!

Pictures of Festival Goodies tomorrow!


  1. Raffles are so very exciting and congratulations to the lucky winners! Helpers are great fun too and what a nice photo of Susanna! Thank you Lorraine for all of the festival posts. I feel like I am there, well nearly there! :) xxx

    1. Such a lovely photo of Susanna - Henry was in heaven in her arms!

  2. Congratulations to all the lucky raffle and helper's item winners and many thanks Lorraine for taking all these superb photos throughout the Festival for us, 'stay-at-homers.'

    1. Congratulations indeed! Weren't they lucky - such lovely prizes.

      You're welcome, glad you have been enjoying the posts.

  3. Thanks yet again Lorraine for your photos, Your enormous effort is really appreciated by those of us who were not at the Festival. Rosie S. xxx

    1. Thank you Rosemarie, it has been a lot of work, not only taking the pictures and trying to cover all things of interest but also editing them afterwards to put them on the blog.

    2. but worth it for us - we all appreciate it so I echo the thanks from everyone else.

  4. Terrific stuff - thanks, Lorraine! - Jocelyn

    1. You're welcome Jocelyn, glad you have been enjoying them.


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