Friday, 20 September 2013

Dressing for Autumn.

So a week has gone by since the tea party was held in honour of Ryder and his last day.  So what have the family here been up to since I wonder?

Well the girls decided it was far too cold for summer dresses and have all been changing into warmer clothing.

Liebe and BJ look well wrapped up in casual wear.

They both agree it is cold enough to need to wear hats as well!

Victoria has swapped her pink Mondrian dress for this pretty pink dress.

Emily has nabbed the clothes that Weaver arrived in (as she is wearing something else) and is admiring the matching pink hydrangeas.

Yes I took a lot of sweet Emily as she has felt a bit left out of late.

Sally is still wearing her lovely smocked dress I bought at the Sasha Festival and has teamed it with a gorgeous matching jacket.

Emily is pleased to have her Henry to herself again...and they enjoy a walk together.

They return from their walk full of ideas...


  1. Aww they do look nice and cosy in their autumnal gear. My dolls are all still in their summer outfits, but it's just as well because it has been over 30C all week, so I'd feel a bit bad if they were in long sleeved gear and I was still sleeveless. I have made them a couple of long sleeved dresses today but think it might be too warm to wear them just yet!

  2. Rather feeling like a bad mother as all mine are still in their Summer gear....and in fact need to be changed into their Summer Holiday Dolly doodle beach wear and be photographed before finally putting on some Autumnal wear.
    So shall be keeping this post away from their little eyes for the present until I can get myself sorted!

    They're all looking very smart and dressed perfectly for this latest change in the weather.

    1. Far too cold for mine to be still hanging around in their summer gear...I think they take after me, they feel the cold! Mind you we had a gorgeous day today, it was quite mild.

      Have fun with your next photograph session, take care.


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