Monday, 23 September 2013

Blue Beret

It seems my knitting needles are in demand...hats are being requested from ALL the girls!

Sally wanted one!  In blue of course.

She wanted LOTS of photos taken as well.

These girls like to see themselves dressed up in all their prettiness.

Whose next I wonder?

It seems Weaver wants one in pink!

If Weaver gets one in pink (currently on the needles) then I am sure Victoria will want a pink one as well!


  1. I think Sally looks very pretty in her blue beret, the colour is perfect for her!
    And naturally Weaver needs a pink one.....but wait until all the boys want hats too!!!! :)

    1. Thank you Sharon, I love this colour on her. Funny how they gradually 'discover' their own colours despite what we originally might intend.

      As for the boys....I think they already all have hats...those that will wear them anyway! ;-)


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