Monday, 2 September 2013

Henry takes the big person to Southampton

Yesterday we took DS1 down to Southampton where he will be staying until March 2014 for his on shore training.

Henry was delighted to go with us and was excited to see what 'University' lodgings were like.

Hmmm... quite a nice little courtyard.  

Somewhere to sit and relax and 'chill'

I wonder if his room will be in there?

Do we go in here?

Yes this is the way, follow me.

Gosh looks like he has moved in already!

Wow what a big washing machine - I wouldn't want to fall in here!

Relaxing in the common room 

TV, Games Console, what more could young people need?

The big person is all settled and we went for a wander around Southampton to get some dinner before the long drive home.  I was very surprised to see some rhinos!


  1. Pleased to see that your eldest son is now safely down there and settled into his Southampton Uni lodgings for the next six months.
    Accomodation looks great.
    Wishing him the best of luck with his course.

    I can see that it's going to be a real struggle to get 'Dear' Henry out of his Harry Potter clothing.

    This Animal art is catching on everywhere these days as we had Bears near here, Horses in Cheltenham and Elephants in Manchester Trafford Centre.

    1. What made me laugh Kendal was the little sign that says 'This Rhino is a work of art'....just in case people didn't realise I guess!

      I am sure 'Dear' Henry will be in his Harry Potter Clothing for some yet as he still had it on today when we went to Wimpole Estate. ;-)

  2. I was just about to say that Henry looks like he is all ready to go back to school himself, but having read Kendal's comment, I wonder if this is his school uniform at all then? I think it suits him all the same and perhaps he can be registered at the Harry Potter Academy who's name escapes me as I've not seen any of the films or read the books!!!
    Glad your son has settled in well for his new course......his room is very tidy, will it remain that way do you think????? ;)

    1. Oh yes, Henry got a complete Harry Potter School Uniform, books and magic wand as his 'Back to School' swap gift and is thrilled with it. Fortunately he doesn't have to worry about going back to school as he is home educated ;-)

      My older son is used to being on a ship and is able to keep his space pretty tidy - so yes it probably will remain like that. Makes up for the other one who is EXTREMELY UNTIDY! ;-)


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