Thursday, 26 September 2013

A beret for Meredith.

Another beret!

This time for Meredith who insists that this IS her Autumn dress!  

Fortunately the last couple of days have been relatively mild...

She has asked for a cardigan to match the beret...unfortunately there is not enough wool left to make one...which is fortunate as I didn't enjoy knitting with this yarn!

It is a fun beret though!


  1. I can see why she loves it the colours are gorgeous and suit her to perfection.

  2. Thats a very pretty beret, I like the self pattern yarn! Meredith suits the colours too! I might try knitting a beret one of these days....maybe I'll come up with a cushion cover or something!!! LOL

  3. Meredith looks lovely in her dress and her beret :). Love the colors :)

  4. I like this hat -and I am generally not a big fan of variegated yarns - tweeds and heathers, yes, color changes and splotches, not so much.
    but this one has some pretty colors in it - with no big blobs.

    what did you not like about it - the color shading, or the texture of the yarn?

    1. I didn't like the general texture and the way it knitted - it didn't knit smoothly and was inclined to split. Otherwise I like the way the patterning knitted up.

    2. Good to know! I really dislike split-y yarn, it makes what should be a pleasant pastime into a chore to be gotten though- not at all how we want our knitting to be!


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