Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More Autumn Clothing

My girls are all dressed in their Autumn/Winter clothing, most of which will have been seen before - they don't wear their clothes out fortunately and are relatively undemanding and are happy to swap and change as they wish.  I tend to wear the same clothes year after year, not feeling the need to keep up with the latest 'fashion fads' figured it was okay if they did the same.  Luckily for me they agree, being on a whole a happy bunch and very rarely complain!

Tilly Rose, Danni and Sasha are enjoying the afternoon sunshine and have rather eclectic tastes as can be seen by the clothing that Danni has chosen to wear!

They are discussing girlie secrets....

Or maybe discussing fashion tips! It seems Sasha is completely unfazed by the fact her hat is on sideways!  They could probably do with getting some lessons from Victoria, Weaver and Sally, although I would imagine they are called the 'posh girls'. 

Molly is quietly dreaming wearing an outfit I made a couple of years ago which is often seen on Liebe.

Molly is the sweetest girl.

Susan and Cora are ambling along enjoying the mild afternoon.

Chatting away together...


  1. There are very nice knitting dresses. The red dress is chic, the hats are great. The pink berets are so beautiful also, i like this very much. I don't have winter outfits. Not true, I have one (1) sweater for eight Sashas / Gregors :-))

  2. I think the girls are looking very nice and cosy in their cold weather outfits. It's great that they're able to wear these outfits and that they've not grown out of them since last year. My girls are needing new stuff, just in case the weather turns....not because they've grown out of their other stuff, it's more that they actually don't have any winter wear as the majority of them weren't with me last winter!!!
    PS Danni is really cute, love her outfit! Oh and Susan's too!

    1. Thanks Sharon :-) It is good that they haven't 'grown out of their clothes!' Very handy that. I am sure they will be wanting some Christmas dresses though! I have some, but not enough for all of them so may make a few more for this Christmas, but not yet...far TOO early to even think about that yet!

      You will have fun making your girls some warmer clothes and I will look forward to seeing what lovely things you'll make them. That is all part of the fun!


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