Tuesday 3 September 2013

Back to School Swap - Part Five

Nearly the last of the 'Back to School Swap' photos have come in.

This time the photos are of Carol and Kirsten's swap gifts to each other which are very similar...they say great minds think alike!

The grey outfit is the gift that Kirsten sent to Carol and the green is the one that Carol sent to Kirsten.

Don't these two girls look great in their pleated skirts, already for school.

Looks like they are prepared for a cold winter with their fabulous wool coats.

Off they go walking to school!

Next up we have the gifts Ginger sent to Diane.

Ginger always wore her best dress to school on the first day and so she sent a 'best dress' to Diane.

Isn't this beautiful and very much a 'best dress' for the first day at school.

Thank you everyone who took part in this fun swap.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  

I am happy to post any more photos that come in...

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