Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Catch Up and some Thank You's.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to me either on my blog or by email.  I have tried to reply to each person individually, but as some are 'no-reply' bloggers and I don't have contact details I haven't been able to so will reply via the lovely comments you sent.  With all your encouraging and supportive comments I am attempting to get back into blogging and hopefully will have some more Henry adventures coming up as I slowly have more energy.

On 19th February, Henry travelled with me into London for my appointment at Great Ormond Street Hospital to see the Pain Specialist.  We went up earlier than the appointment time as it was such a lovely day and I thought it would be nice to spend some time in the park.  We were surprised to see the daffodils out.

Ours at home are only just showing their buds, so Henry was delighted to see the flowers in bloom and it almost looks like he is having a conversation with one of them!

So glad we got to spend a little time enjoying the sunshine as we haven't had any since!

I'd fallen and hurt my back quite badly a week or so before my appointment so asked the doctor about it as it was and is still very painful.  Not much joy there unfortunately.  I wish the guy I saw a while back was still in the country as I am fairly sure he would have been able to do something to help me.  I am very wary about trying anybody else, so guess I will just have to 'wait and see' as the pain specialist said.  Hey ho.  I have to go back and see him in April.

I am on the homeward stretch with only two more weeks of meds to take and then hopefully things will return to 'normal' whatever that may be.  The headaches have been easing up, although had a whopper of one yesterday, but woke up headache free today so thought I would write a blog post while I can.


Henry and Rory received a wonderful surprise package in the post yesterday from Aunty Kendal and to say they were delighted with it is an understatement.  They received their first ever pair of Dolly Doodle joggers! Wow!  They had to borrow a t shirt from Connor and James - but as the t shirts hadn't been worn yet (as they didn't have anything to match it) all was okay. 

Here they are thinking they look very trendy, when it was pointed out to them by their Dear Aunty Kendal, that boys wear their joggers 'pulled down'!  She also reminded them about Henry's white t shirt (at least someone remembers what is in their wardrobes!)  so Rory borrowed that and it looks so much better with the arctic joggers.

That looks better boys!

Three cheers for Aunty Kendal!

Thank you dear Kendal for making two boys very happy.  They can now join the ranks of the lucky boys who own a pair of Dolly Doodle Joggers!  I can't see them taking these off for some time!  In fact I am fairly sure they slept in them last night. ;-)

On another positive note I did some sewing yesterday as well, before my headpain rendered me completely useless!

For Christmas I got a wonderful present from Sarah W.  A DIY package!
Some wonderful fabric I had long admired.  I finally used it yesterday and made a dress modelled by my lovely 1960s Pale Skinned Gotz girl Bethany.  I was going to make her some tights that went better with the dress as well, but by the time I had finished the dress I knew that I wouldn't be able to concentrate any longer.

Hopefully will get some tights made for her today.


  1. Yay you're back - have missed you.
    Kids looking FAB as always

  2. So pleased to have you (and 'Dear' Henry) back on blogging again. I and The Sasha Brood have missed seeing what has been happening down there.

    Henry and Rory look super in their Dollydoodle camo joggers. I have bought my lads the same but they haven't been given them as yet as I've no spare time to sort them out as still busily deleting photos at the 'rate of knots' so that my laptop can go in for a repair to the left clicking key (from over-use!)

    Sorry tom hear about you falling and hurting your back and having to go for an appointment at the pain clinic but at least we got to see Henry amongst the 'golden daffodils.' A hopeful sign that Spring is definitely on it's way!

    I like to try to take a few of my Sashas to a little village near to here but I'm not sure that their daffs. are out yet as up in the North we are always slightly behind with the start of the seasons.

    The Sasha Brood and I are waving back to you, Henry and Rory and good to 'see' you all again.

  3. Great to see you are all back. I hope your health improves soon. Headaches are especially tough on crafters and bloggers where you need good vision.
    Love the Dolly Doodles joggers - two of my 'kids' got outfits from Judith yesterday and refuse to take them off. I love Bethany's dress too, those berry shades are gorgeous.
    Jenni xx

  4. Hi Lorraine
    Really nice to see you back blogging and the photos of the boys! I have missed Henry and Rory! I love Rory's hair, it's such a cute style for a boy.
    I love their new jogging pants from Auntie Kendal, how sweet of her, a lovely gift for the two boys!
    I need to make my boys some joggers too, they are fed up wearing the same trousers all the time!!
    Big hugs and I hope your health improves Lorraine, Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I think the boys are pleased to be back! I love Rory's hair as well, although I think it is on crooked! LOL Certainly wonderful gift from Kendal, as you know I am on a self imposed buying clothes ban - man is it hard as I have seen several things I would have loved to have bought but resisted! Now I just need to learn how to resist buying dolls! Although not doing too badly, have been admiring the many new Sasha arrivals on the various groups, but that is it, fortunately haven't seen any of those HAVE TO HAVEs!
      Most of my boys are still in their Christmas trousers, so better not let them see that Henry & Rory have new joggers or I will be in trouble.

  5. I am so glad you are back in blogland, I missed you and Henry. And pleased that you have been able to do some sewing despite the pain limitations. I have a friend who lives with constant head pain which is awful and affects his daily life considerably, it is so debilitating.
    I like Henry and Rory's new clothes, lucky boys!
    the daffodils in London must have helped make the medical trip a bit more bearable, they always get them earlier than elsewhere because London is warmer than the surrounding countryside and towns. daffs in my garden are looking promising but no more than that so far, roll on spring!


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