Thursday, 7 February 2013

Henry & Henry

With the sun shining through into the lounge this morning, Henry thought he might do some vacuuming to help out.

He had to use 'Henry' the vacuum cleaner of course.  Henry thinks it is quite funny that there is a vacuum cleaner named after himself.

That's better he has it set up now.  I like the spiky hair Henry, what is that all about?

Oh, it is supposed to be trendy is it?  Hmmmm

Uh Oh, looks like that cheeky Highland Monkey, Wee Jock wants to have a ride on the vacuum cleaner now!

Henry explains that it is going to make it all the harder if Wee Jock sits on the vacuum cleaner...

Along comes Emily to try and sort things out.  Giving up in the end she asks if she could have a couple of photos taken of just her.

Quite happy she wanders off to play, leaving Henry and Wee Jock, struggling with the vacuuming.


  1. Oh Lorraine, I didn't know this vacuum cleaner is in doll size too. Where did you find it?
    How nice to see the animal having a ride on it.
    My brother and I used to ride on ours when we were little, it was a sleigh model, with lots of chrome...hugs and hope your back is a bit better now

  2. It certainly is a HENRY day today! So cute...what a helpful little fellow he is!
    Hugs Sharon xx

  3. Good helpful Henry as always. He certainly looks after his mum when she's not so well....though hope that you are feeling much better today.
    I too have one of these and the slightly bigger pink one (have just forgotten that one's name. Is it Hetty?)
    Fanny, they are really computer/laptop keyboard cleaners which work off a battery.

    1. Thank you for informing me Kendal, I wonder if they are available here too. I would love to have the small one.Greetings from Holland, Fanny

    2. Fanny, I have a spare one I can send you. Email me :-)


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