Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Emily & Henry go shopping.

Emily and Henry decided to go and do some shopping for Mum as she fell and hurt her back yesterday.

Henry looks into the trolley...

Shouldn't we buy some fresh stuff, like greens and fruit?  He asks Emily.

Nah, this is our chance to have pizza, fish fingers and other yummy things.  She replies.

Henry doesn't need much convincing and in fact, suggests they stop off at McDonald's on the way home while they have the chance!

Ah, he says as he relaxes back on the seat...  What is your favourite?  The chips of the hamburger?
Emily looks at Henry, I think I like the chips and the milkshake! She replies.  

Once finished they head back home, pushing the trolley.

Once the groceries are put away, Henry and Rory take the trolley back to the supermarket.

Looks like Kermit and Wee Jock have hitched a ride

'We'll be coming round the mountain when we come...We'll be....  Kermit sings at the top of his voice!


  1. Sorry to hear you've hurt your back. I hope you'll be better soon.
    There's nothing like being free to pick junk food!
    I wonder if Henry and Rory thought about riding in the trolley too?

    Best wishes

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  3. Bless your heart! Sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are better soon. I'm glad you have such sweet little helpers. Looks like they really enjoyed their special treats! :o)

  4. Oh Lorraine! I'm so sorry to hear that you fell and hurt yourself! Not good. But glad to see that you still have your little helpers to get things done for you!
    I hope you'll feel much better very soon.
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  5. So sorry to hear of your fall but great to see that 'Dear' Henry and his friend, Emily, are doing their best to help by doing the family's food shopping. Hope that you'll soon be feeling better.
    Super trolley and food items.
    Good to see that they are returning the trolley to the supermarket after the shop.


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