Sunday, 3 February 2013

The boys outside

The boys have been out in the garden today.

Rory took Kermit out to see if they could find any frogs....

They didn't of course... partly because I don't think Kermit stopped singing the whole time they were out there, that if any had been around, they would have been scared off.

Henry took Wee Jock outside...

and then had to try and rescue him...

I think Henry had a hard time getting him down!

Henry was ever so surprised to see some buds on the daffodils.

Hooray for the first signs of spring!


  1. Yeaaaah spring is coming to the UK too, that's great news for the boys and the plants. And it won't be long before there are frogs for Rory too! (Or tadpoles at least!)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  2. The spring is sprung....almost
    Only 4 weeks until the frogs reappear, we hope
    Ursula and Erica

    1. Oh goodie! Don't forget to send me pictures, love Rory & Kermit

  3. Some very good tree climbing and balancing going on there by 'Dear' Henry for the photos.
    Disappoointing for Rory there being no frogs around as yet.
    Guess that we're all now looking forward to the arrival of Spring, my very favourite season.

    1. Henry is getting to be rather the expert tree climber now! ;-)

  4. It looks like Rory and Henry are enjoying their outside adventures! We are expecting 4 inches of snow in Ohio this sprouts for us...yet!

    1. They certainly do enjoy their outside adventures. Brrrr.... sounds far too cold. Stay in the warm and be safe :-)


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