Thursday, 28 February 2013

Three frogs a would a wooing go

What's this?  Frogs!  Rory is astonished to see three frogs of multicolours.

Hey look at you!

Three frogs they would a wooing go, hey ho, sings Rory

Give us a turn!

Rory doesn't know quite who to look at and play with first, they are all clamouring for attention.

What are you doing up there?  Rory reaches up giggling.

Another has hopped onto his shoe and got stranded by the looks of things.


Rory loves them!


  1. What fun, what frogs, but just look at his sweet face!

  2. A delightful post featuring Rory and his three 'beany' frogs. Love the lying down poses with the frogs jumping all over him.

    I think that Rory has such a sweet and young looking little face with those big blue eyes.

    (I hope that two of my lads look as good in their camo joggers as yours do when I finally give them to them.)

    1. He has a lovely face doesn't he Kendal. That is what drew me to him when I first saw him, hair stubble and all! The frogs were a great bargain at 50p each. I am sure your lads will look fabulous, they always do! ;-)

  3. Lucky Rory! Boys and frogs seem to go together.

    Rory is such a handsome lad, I love his slightly longer than usual hair.

  4. Awww how sweet he looks with his frogs. He is such a handsome boy, and great hair.
    Hugs Sharon x
    EDIT, Jenann and I must be on the same wavelength, I've written almost the same comment as her!! :)

    1. Rory is very sweet and devoted to his frogs!


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