Monday, 4 February 2013

Secret Santa Swap Gifts Revealed - Part Seven

Yes that is right, some more Secret Santa Swap Gift photos to be revealed...

Yesterday I received a lovely email from Ginger with photos of the gifts she received for her new boy Drew.

 Drew stays on the Mac all the time so I do have to put it away now and then to help him be well rounded :)

Drew is sitting with his friend Chloe, a beautiful brunette NP who has her dog Champ with her.  Drew's little dog Duke is giving a nice big smile to the camera!

Here we have some photos of Drew with his friends Finn (with dog Fetch) and Jimmy (with his dog Jabo)

I've included all the photos as I thought they were such lovely boys that they were worth looking at in all their different poses!

Thank you Ginger for sending the photos of your lovely Secret Santa Gifts.


  1. Drew certainly had some super presents from the Secret Santa.
    All four dolls are gorgeous with beautiful eye paintings. I'm presuming that I'm right in thinking that Jimmy is an NP?
    Thrilled to see one of my ex OOAK Ruthsdoll's outfits on Chloe. It really suits her.

  2. What great boys and pressies too! That blond boys duffle coat is to die for aswell!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx


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