Monday, 11 February 2013


As it is Lucy's month and Kendal has kindly sent me a load of photos she had of Lucy I asked if I could put them on here to show off both Lucy and of course Kendal's wonderful photography and collection of beautiful clothes!  Thank you Kendal.

Doesn't she look wonderful in all these great outfits?


  1. She does indeed look wonderful! She's a beautiful girl and what lovely clothes too!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. They are gorgeous clothes aren't they? Only wished Lucy had packed them in her suitcase when she came to me! ;-)

  2. Unfortunately I had had to put that gorgeous Ruthsdoll's OOAK brown/black dress on another doll that I was selling a little while ago as it so suited her ....but luckily still have the other outfits but for continued use here. Sorry.
    Hope that she has enjoyed seeing herself on this blog post.
    Special love to her from all here. We are so pleased that she has been adopted into such a super Sasha family.

  3. What a lovely girl. As for the clothes - they are simply lovely!
    But her hair is fabulous either up or down and so shiny.

  4. Great photo's Kendal and what lovely clothes.


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