Saturday, 13 August 2011

A new toy.

Yesterday while browsing the charity shops I found a lovely little bead toy for the babies, all of 79 pence, the cheapest Sasha item to date! The weather was warm and dry yesterday (notice I didn't say blue sky though - certainly wasn't one of those) so it gave the opportunity for a couple of the baby girls, Poppy & Eleanor, a chance to play outside with it.

They look quite excited by it.

It has cute little birds and ladybirds as well as the beads.

Now girls, don't argue over it, you can both play!

Lastly, not one to waste things if possible, I turned my 'practice' piece of machine smocking into a little dress for Bonnie Blue Blythe.

It fits her really well and suits her.

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  1. Your Sasha babes look sweet with their new toy, and I like your blue haired girl.


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