Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pleated skirt

Well my foray into quilting my quilt today was disastrous, so I put it aside, after lots of unpicking and designed a little skirt instead. I didn't have Sasha with me this time, I usually have her or one of her sisters with me, but they got left at home today. I therefore had to finish it off this evening to make sure I got the waist measurement right, as I'd done it purely from memory. It has been so wet and cold today that it really felt like Autumn is fast approaching, so it seemed more appropriate to make something to reflect this, rather than the usual summer dresses.

The skirt is pleated and has a waistband and does up at the back. It has no exposed seams at all and fits her really well.

Sasha looks as pleased with it as I am.


  1. The skirt is great..I love the way you have put the jumper with it to echo the pattern in the skirt..she looks really good in it!

  2. I really like the pleats. I have a tendency to retreat to doll skirts when frustrated with another project. Simple and finish-able, they are so soothing I call them "serenity skirts," especially the simplest, made from two rectangles.


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