Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Marcia in the Garden.

Little Marcia, my no-nose Gotz is modelling a pretty dress made by Sarah of Vintage Sasha. This is the first outfit from Sarah that I have bought and needless to say I am delighted with it, as is Marcia. It is the last thing to arrive that I have spent money on recently and now the purse strings are tightly closed as I pull the reins in. NO MORE SPENDING is the order of the day, as I am now official flat broke and in the red! Yikes!

Purples and violets are among my favourite colours so when I saw this little outfit I couldn't resist.

The dress does tend to accentuate her rather serious caving somewhat but I still think she looks beautiful in it.

I'd never put her hair in pigtails before either and I think it quite suits her.

Thank you Sarah for going that extra mile ;-) I am very happy indeed!


  1. Marcia looks very pretty!She is lovely!
    You are not is offical..collecting Sasha makes you poor :)

  2. Kendal asked me to post this comment for her as she is having trouble leaving a comment. Thank you Kendal.

    What a delightful little No-nose girl. She looks really lovely in her new vintage-sasha outfit against the colour co-ordinated garden flowers.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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