Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Babies on the grass

Our lawn was mowed yesterday (finally!) so today the babies wanted to go outside to enjoy some of the dry weather.

Goodness, how DID I end up with this number of babies? I'm sure they must keep multiplying on their own. ;-)

Crawling like Panda.

Oscar (baby boy) wearing a Dolly Doodles outfit purchased at the Sasha Fun Day at Dawn Law's.

Alfie - 1970 Trendon Baby boy Woolly wearing an outfit made today.

Poppy - Trendon sexed baby girl wearing a dress made by myself.

Amelie - 1970 Trendon Baby Girl Nightdress

Eleanor - 1981 - 1986 'Sandy'

Grace - sexed baby girl

Isaac - unsexed black baby.

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