Saturday, 30 July 2016

A Summer Music Festival.

Hey guess what?  Henry asks the girls.

What? They chorus

There is going to be a Summer Music Festival.  He tells them.

It should be lots of fun!  He says.  Are any of you interested?

Well I don't play anything... Maddison says.  But I can sing.  Of course I WOULD play Bass Guitar or Drums but we don't have EITHER of those.  

Drums?  Stevie asks doubtfully.

Bass Guitar?!  Emily says...'Yeah okay Maddison.

It's true, I'm a natural!  Maddison retorts.

Peggy Sue thinks it is best to intervene and distract them before things get out of hand.  Well I play 'cello and saxophone, although mainly 'cello of late.

I must get practising. 

Emily looks on...I can do any organising she says.  I am quite good at that.  Oh and baking, I like baking.  What about Edith?  Will she play her flute?

If we can find it.  Henry says.  Edith is worried she might have left it at school.  She is rather distraught at the moment.

Currently we have the following instruments available, guitar, piano, violin - I think that is Anne-Marie's, and a clarinet.

Lots of discussions ensue about who is going to play what and wondering what the programme will be like.  Apparently they have to submit what they will be playing for the concert programme in time for the printing.


  1. Peggy Sue is so talented she plays cello and saxophone. (And she looks very pretty in her yellow dress.) I hope someone will find a set of drums for Maddison!

    1. That would be fun wouldn't it? Adding drums to the mix...could be noisy!

  2. I hope Edith finds her flute soon - we want to hear her play at the festival, though she could borrow Jakob's flute, she won't have time to practice before the big day. I can tell that Maddison will be hovering around Peter's drum kit. Our lot have been discussing what to play and I think there will be some practicing going on tomorrow.

    1. The flute is a mystery, I can't think why it isn't with the other instruments.

  3. All sounds very musically entertaining. Is the concert going to be help at Dollmum's house then?


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