Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sasha Festival 2016 - Souvenir & Hostess Gifts.

Hard to believe that the festival finished 11 days ago now!  What a lovely time was had by all.

I have taken a few photos of the Souvenir and Hostess Gift items I came home with.

The Festival Journal, filled with patterns, stories and pictures.

My Auction Number - not that I had any success!

Paper dolls

Colouring book

Recipe book

Table hostess gift made by Jenny D

Modelled by Henry who tries it out for size.  Thank you Jenny.

A gorgeous photo album from the lovely Ellen C - filled with wonderful pictures of her fabulous dolls and their props.  Thank you Ellen.

Table hostess gift from Dawn - my lot have refused to try on a jumper/sweater in this heat, but it will most certainly be worn in winter as will the cute socks.  Thank you Dawn.

Souvenir summer shorts - these will be most popular for the boys in the pool or on the beach.

A cute souvenir summer romper suit for baby 

Modelled by Grace

A lovely hostess gift made by Margo.  Thank you Margo

Currently borrowing a camera and just can't get the colours right - it is a pretty pale yellow.  Modelled by Tui Renate.

Souvenir dress - Sunday Best.  Looks fabulous on Cora and is a light blue - again I can't get the colours right with this camera. 

Postcard for next years Sasha Festival with all the details included.  

I may have missed a few items - will add them as I come across them, and may well update the photos once I get my camera back from the repair shop...all going well!


  1. So good Henry agreed to try out the girlie bag for size, and he only looks a little bit embarrassed. Henry is just a very kind and understanding boy.

    Pity you didn't win much in the auction, but the gifts you brought home are lovely! I adore the Sunday Best dress on Cora, just imagining it is light blue. And I would love to leaf through the photo album...
    Hope you'll get back your camera soon.

    1. Henry is a good boy indeed.

      I didn't win anything in the auction, nor the helper gifts, but that is okay. I will take a few photos of the different pages of the album.

      I hope I get my camera back soon!

  2. What a lovely collection of goodies from the summer with Grandma. I already have the date for next year's festival as we are determined to be there and Norvell let me know the date a little while ago.

    1. Lovely goodies indeed. So nice to have special souvenir items to bring home.

  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful time. I am hoping there will be at least a little Peggy Sue drama to report on.

    1. It really was wonderful Steve. Peggy Sue was remarkably good this time and generally stayed away from any possible drama....there will be a few photos though ;-)

  4. I always look forward to seeing the Sasha Festival photos! They try to make me think that I was there too. Loved all the Festival outfits and gifts, table hostess goodies etc. Ellen very kindly sent me one of her Sasha photograph books via Catherine French but I haven't been able to email my thanks as yet as I unfortunately lost all my email addresses in the recent switch over from Vista to Windows 10.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Kendal. Lovely gifts etc... glad you got one of the lovely books as well. Do you want me to email you the email address of Ellen?

    2. Yes please. That would be great.

  5. A great Festival post and thank you Lorraine. I love to see your photos of that happy time! :) xxx


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