Sunday, 24 July 2016

A New Dress for Maddison

Maddison is one of the girls I nearly took to the Sasha Festival but was pulled out of the case just before I walked out the door for the trip to the airport.  It only seemed fair that she got to wear the lovely little dress that Norvell had made.  (This style of dress was made as Norvell's table hostess gift)

She thought it went well with her favourite pink boots made by Marti.

Love the dress and the sweet little roses on it are quite apt for those that live here at Rose Cottage.

Thank you very much for the lovely dress Norvell. 


  1. Madison is lovely, glad she likes the dress, any your very welcome.

  2. I well remember wearing that short 'shirt-waister' style in my teenage years. Love the material (which looks very like a Cath Kidson pattern) with those fabulous boots that she is wearing.
    (Would look equally good over trousers/capris, leggings/jeggings in the cooler weather.)


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