Saturday, 2 July 2016

Getting Ready for the Sasha Festival 2016

My Sale Items have been packaged up ready for the Sasha Festival.

Here are a few of them....

Some dresses for Course or Studio Dolls

Rompers for babies.

My CFA Donations are finished: 

A crisp white dress with pantaloons for Sasha

A lovely blue romper suit for baby Sasha/Gregor knitted with gorgeous soft New Zealand wool

An outfit for Gregor - all handmade by myself, shoes, socks, sweater, cap and Kiwiana trousers/pants.

Not long now!


  1. Have an absolutely wonderful time, I wish we were going too but just not possible this year. Your sales and donations look really good, I hope you sell out (or get close to sellout) and that the items you donate make lots for the CFA charity. Please also take lots of photos and Laura says 'hi' to Henry.

  2. Safe journey and have a wonderful time out there.
    Good luck with your sales table.

  3. Great collection! Have a wonderful time! :)

  4. I hope you'll be enjoying yourself at the Festival, and I'm certain you'll sell a lot of your lovely items. Looking forward to many many photos...


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