Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sasha Festival 2016 - Registration & Meet and Greet

4.30pm on Thursday July 17th the Sasha Festival 2016 officially began!  We all gathered for Registration and the 'Meet & Greet'  There was a light hors d'oeuvres and cash bar and photo op displays available as well.

People begin to gather...

mingle and chat.

The ladies have the souvenir t shirts out for any who want to purchase.

Sheila and Lynne hand out the registration packs.

There were some fabulous photo op displays up for people to use after registration and into the evening.  A lot of fun. How I would love some of these amazing props!

Just loved this piano - especially as I also collect Schoenhut dolls and toys.  Sadly these just aren't available in England.

Henry also enjoyed the opportunity to 'tickle the ivories'

It was Barbie's 70th birthday while at the Festival so Marti had organised a special surprise for her.

This was fun as you can see.

A fabulous cake - of which I ended up not getting a piece due to taking photos!

Lovely smiling ladies.

Groups get together and enjoy catching up on the last year

It was  a really lovely evening and once I had nipped round taking a few photos it was great to stop and chat and enjoy like minded company. 

 Love this wonderful group of people!  The Sasha Festival for me now is as much about the people and friends I have made as it is about the dolls.  


  1. Really enjoyed spotting some of the Sasha collectors that I know in the 'Meet and greet' photos..
    Super idea of the Sasha sized scenes to take photos of your own dolls in. (I remember seeing that idea a few Festivals back when they had some ponies in a fenced field.)

  2. I had no idea that Henry was a talented pianist! Way to go!!!

  3. Hey Henry, I see you were practising for that concert - what a lovely piano. Thanks for sharing all the photos of such happy faces, I can tell the festival got off to a good start from seeing all the groups chatting. The doll props are great.

    1. Ah yes, our concert/music festival...Henry has been practising diligently...I am guessing the others need a reminder! I will email you ;-)

  4. terrific, as always!! funny I didn't hear Henry playing?! Must have been too many people talking and it drowned him out!

  5. A great post Lorraine! I am so happy you captured the registration and the meet and greet time along with Barbie's birthday cake! Such fond memories already! Thank you! :) xxx


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