Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What's in a name?

After a wet morning it dried up enough for the boys to venture outside to play.

Come on Bobby, up you go, and then you can help us up.  The boys encourage Bobby to climb faster.

Hold your horses, I am climbing as fast as I can.  Bobby replies.

What horses?  We haven't got any down here....they are out grazing in the fields.  Pierre calls up to him.

It is a saying....'Hold your horses' means wait!  Bobby calls down.

Oh, well it seems a funny thing to say.  Why not just say wait I am climbing as fast as I can? Which you still said anyway.  Pierre asks.

Bobby doesn't bother answering...

Eventually Bobby helps the others up.

That's it Pierre.  You can do it.  Henry says encouragingly?

Do what?  Pierre asks.

Climb up!  Henry replies.

Well of course I can.  I am up here aren't I?  Pierre asks puzzled.

The boys decide to play a game.

Bobby shakes the dice.

While the boys watch the board intently.

There is a piece missing.  Gwilym says.

Is there?  They ask.

Yes, it is a blue piece that is missing. He informs then.

So there is!  It must have fallen off.  We will never find it amongst all the leaves on the ground.  Henry says.

Not much point in continuing then is there?  Pierre asks.  After all, if we can't play the game properly...

We could always make up a piece with a piece of twig.  Bobby suggests.  It is MY piece that is missing and I don't care if one of the pieces isn't the right colour.

But it won't be the SAME.  Pierre explains.

In the interests of harmony, knowing how Pierre likes to follow instructions in games just so, they decide to chat seems a bit safer....

So what do you think we should call ourselves?  Bobby asks.

Maple Leaf Boyz?  Henry asks.

No, can't be that.... Bobby replies.

Why not?  Pierre asks.  We have a Maple tree in our garden.

Well because that is the name of my other 'gang'  Bobby explains.

What gang?  Gwilym asks.

Well, it is only small.  Bobby explains.  Hamish and Daniel are in it, and um, I don't know how to say this, but they don't always want to do things like this...they seem to prefer just 'hanging out'.  

Yeah, I remember and it is pretty BORING.  Henry says.

Well we could be the Wisteria gang.  Gwilym suggests.

Of course!  Pierre says...after all this is a WISTERIA tree.

That is okay I guess....  Henry says.  But I don't really know if I like the name 'gang'.  

Well what other words could we use?  Gwilym asks.

Boyz?  Bobby suggests.

No, because that is not spelt correctly.  Pierre tells them.  Boys is spelt with an 'S' not a 'Z'.  

What about Wranglers?  Henry suggests.

Well that is a possibility I suppose, says Pierre.  Especially in this situation as,  1.  It could mean cowboy, especially one in charge of saddle horses....and seeing as you kept going on about horses earlier Bobby...and Henry wants to be a Cowboy...well it is quite apt...
Oh and 2.  it could also mean a person who wrangles or disputes/quarrels....and I guess we have done some of that as well!

The boys listen to this explanation flabbergasted....they know Pierre can be a bit of an encyclopaedia, but a dictionary as well?!

Hmmm,  well regardless of the explanation that does sound kind of goes with Wisteria anyway.  Gwilym says.  Wisteria Wranglers....does have a kind of a ring to it.

But do we all want to be Wranglers?  Bobby asks?  

Does that matter?  Gwilym also asks.

Well it might do to Pierre!  Bobby replies!

Well Wranglers are also a make of jeans.  Henry says.  And we all like wearing jeans!

Okay so we have:

Wisteria Boys - with an 'S'

Wisteria Wranglers 

Any other suggestions?  Pierre asks.

How about the Gregor Gang?  Gwilym asks.

But I am not a Gregor.  Bobby states.

Well you are kind of an honorary Gregor, Bobby.  Henry says.  Anyway you are my older brother so you must be related!

The boys continue their debating trying to come up with names....


  1. A Wrangler is also a student who's very good at maths - but only at the University of Cambridge! - Jocelyn

    1. Indeed, but Francis wasn't there to impart this information ;-) Pierre likes to think he knows everything but in fact doesn't whereas Francis....well he is pretty clued up!

  2. Wonderful photos Lorraine, obviously the lads must have a secret ladder but how do you manage to climb up there to take the photos?

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos! Oh it was easy ;-)

  3. I think I need to send you a longer rope ladder with about four more rungs.

    1. Oh I am sure they would be delighted! It has been quite funny watching them scrambling up....but then boys do like to do that sort of thing! ;-)

  4. A fabulous 'boyish' post! Adored the superb photos especially of Pierre easing himself through the trap hole and the boys using the surrounding branches to sit on.
    The deck size is just ideal for a gathering of four or five lads and if any more should be allowed to join later they can use the surrounding branches as seats.

    Personally I prefer the name Wisteria Wranglers (rather than the addition of the word boys in the centre!) so that it can be shortened to a code name of the WW. This would also look smart on some badges, headed official paper or the subject on an email etc
    (I guessed the other day that those twisted branches were from a Wisteria. Just perfect for the effect.)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it...yes I quite like the name Wisteria Wranglers as well....they could also call themselves the 'Double Double Yous' which is what I heard them giggling about last night....a bit like a tongue twister! Looks like the sun is out today so I would imagine they will be getting up to more shenanigans.


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