Sunday 26 October 2014

Meeting up with Friends.

The first day in October saw us journeying into London for a fun meet up with some Sasha friends.

We booked into our hotel - tiny room, but nice and clean and generally quiet!

Another view of the room.  

Once we had checked in we all met in the lounge area

Two very special toddlers!  Aren't they the sweetest couple?

Peggy Sue came along to entertain the toddlers.

She certainly has their attention.

I think she must have been telling them all about all the exciting things she had planned fro them.

Not often you see toddlers this well behaved!  I wonder what she bribed them with?!

Fortunately she kept them well entertained so we were able to go out for lunch.

We ventured off to the local pub for a meal.

After a lovely lunch we 'retired' back to the 'drawing room' or rather lounge again. Lots of talk about Sasha dolls of course and the upcoming Sasha Festival to be held in Forth Worth, Texas next year. We had lots of wonderful conversation, and plenty of laughs, it was a great time indeed.

Diane coveted these two toddlers.

I think she was saying 'mine, all mine'!  

Henry enjoys some conversation with Brenda's lovely girl who came all the way over from Texas to meet everyone.

The day finished with another lovely meal at a local restaurant before Catherine, Plum and Cathy had to catch their trains home.  The rest of us stayed the night and our adventure continued the next seen over on Henry's blog here.


  1. Wonderful photos Lorraine! So nice to get together and spend time with Sashas! The toddler couple is indeed wonderful. I love their bright and cheery matching outfits! The photos of the pretty ladies is paricularly nice to see as is the hotel room and lobby. Thank you for a great post! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. It was very exciting to meet up, and we had a really lovely time together. The toddler couple were superb!

  2. I wonder if those toddlers are Trendon , they don't seem to be repainted and I know there were some prototypes made. Thank you for the lovely report, so nice to read when you have not been there. Fanny

    1. Hi Fanny, yes they are Trendon Toddlers, and were absolutely delightful to see.

  3. Definitely a case of 'Wishing that I was there!' (Was gathering only for a selected few then or did MY invite get lost in the post???

    I have been so very lucky to have seen and held the only other pair of the Trendon Toddlers and in their original clothing ......and they are indeed delightful. I did notice that these were for sale (and in their original clothing) at one of the Sasha Festivals but automatically thought that they had already been snapped up or else I would have definitely been tempted. How wonderful to now own a rare bit of Sasha Trendon History.

    Pleased to hear that you all had a super Sasha time.

    1. Yes it would be indeed lovely to own such a wonderful and special pair of toddlers! They really are quite special.


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