Sunday, 5 October 2014

It seems there are plans and schemes afoot everywhere!

After yesterday's rain the patio area is still a little wet, but the day is bright and sunny and it seems the girls were first up so that they didn't miss their chance to play outside.

They seem to be on a bit of a mission though...I wonder what is up?

Emily has chosen to ride the skateboard...she is pretty good on it as well.

Little Erica adores Peggy Sue and looks up to her in awe.

Amy is riding the bike whilst there are whisperings between Stevie and Danni who is taking her baby for a walk in the pram.

Cute little baby!

Little Erica is still chatting away.

Peggy Sue is doing her best to answer all the endless questions.

Ziva and Charlotte are waiting for the others to approach as they have something they want to talk about.

Come on!  They call.

The girls all gather round.

Their conversation went something like this....

I think we should have a Halloween party.

But Mum will never allow it.

Yes, but she let us have these dresses...

She said that is 'different'.  We still can't ACTUALLY celebrate Halloween or have a party.

But why?  That seems silly logic to me.

Well you know what Mums are like sometimes.   She said it wouldn't be fair on her big boys if she let us when she never let them.

Well perhaps we could call it something else?  Emily finally suggests.

That is a good idea.   The other girls agree.

I know let's call it a Harvest Party - End of Harvest Party anyway....

They seem to think they might be able to get away with that idea and they all go off to chat about it in their various groups.

Peggy Sue missed out on most of the discussion as Little Erica was too busy chatting to her.

Peggy Sue is very patient.

Emily and Amy decide to continue playing outside on the skate board and bike.

In the meantime.....

Rory is supposed to be helping the boys with their plans, but is too distracted.

He is looking for his frog...but is looking the wrong way.

Turn your head Rory and you will see him poking his head out of the water just behind that greenery.

There he is!


There is no distracting the boys though.

Gwilym, Bobby and Henry are busy measuring up.

I think this is the ideal length.  Bobby says.

If we had another four pieces this length we will have a nice flat platform.

Right then, let's get to work.  Both Henry & Gwilym suggest.


  1. I know just what you mean re Halloween parties and trick or treating - it is a real dilemma. It looks like the boys aren't bothered though, they are too busy building their tree house. The girls and all their prams and pushchairs look like they were having plenty of fun after the rain.

    1. I really disagree with trick or treating....we spend the whole year telling our young children not to accept sweets from strangers and then what do we (well no me personally) do but encourage that very thing come 31st October! Hence one of the reasons we never took part in any of it.

      I think having a Harvest party is a much better solution....they can get to wear their dresses which gives them a flavour of what their cousins in other countries do.

      Oh the boys aren't interested in it at all...far more important things for them, such as building tree houses and dens.

  2. I'm not keen on celebrating Halloween either and find this 'trick or treating' a bind and rather unpleasant and must be quite intimidating for the elderly living alone. (Cheshire Police have printed out stickers that you can have to put in windows or on front doors forbidding callers.)
    A 'Thank you for the 2014 Harvest party' sounds much more sociable and inviting. Good thinking girls! Will look forward to seeing how you get on with the preparations.....providing your mother agrees.

    1. We have a police poster we put up every year Kendal and it has generally worked. I really disagree with the whole trick or treating business (for some reasons mentioned above) but also because of the intimidation that has been known to happen in various parts of the country and cities. I don't know what it is like in NZ, but I grew up not even really knowing about Halloween, we certainly didn't give it a lot of thought. Of course it could well be very different there now.

      So my compromise is they can wear their dresses, that they insisted on which are quite good fun, and have a Harvest party instead.

  3. What a lovely post Lorraine! The girls look wonderful in their Halloween dresses. I especially love Emily in her spidery dress and I do admire her strong sense of balance. Peggy Sue is a saint and certainly patient with the wee ones. The prams are being put to good use with these girls gathering around.

    I have to especially say that Rory's photo is just great and so glad the resident frog is still there. Thank you for great photos! :) xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Ginger. I do have to admit to loving their dresses very much and yes that spidery dress is great on Emily. We have a lot of spider's webs around at the moment, so it is quite apt for this time of year. Peggy Sue is indeed very patient.

      Ah, yes Rory and his frogs, he is a love.


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