Friday, 3 October 2014

Henry & Gwilym make some tree house plans....

I was thinking we should build the tree house somewhere around this area.  Henry tells Gwilym

Either up here....

What do you think?

Or maybe over there.  Henry points to where the trellis is up against the fence.

Well that could be a good place...  Gwilym replies.  What are we going to use to build it?

Do you think this would work?  Henry asks showing Gwilym the pallets of wood from when the paving slabs, concrete and sand were delivered for the patio areas.

Well they are a bit big at the moment.  Gwilym says cautiously.  Do you think we could get them apart and shorten them first?

Sure we just have to get the other lads to help us!  Henry says.  Let's go and check that other tree out and see if we can work out where the best place for it to be built.

I was thinking perhaps up here.  Henry tells Gwilym.

Or maybe over there.  Henry says as he looks along the branch.

Come up here and tell me what you think.  Henry suggests.

Okay, coming.  Gwylim says.

Gwilym climbs up and sits on the branch with Henry.

So what do you think Gwilym?  Henry asks.

Well...  Gwilym says as he thinks.

I think it might be a bit exposed here.  Perhaps we should go further along the branch.

The boys climb along and up the branch.

This is a bit better.  It is a bit more hidden and higher up so we get a better view point.  Gwilym tells Henry.

I think you are right.  Henry agrees.

I wonder if we will be allowed to build it up her?  We could start with just a platform couldn't we? Henry asks.

Let's get started this weekend!   Gwilym says enthusiastically.

The boys climb down the tree to go and find the other boys to see if they want to help build a platform for the start of their tree house in the weekend.

They get a bit sidetracked though.

Rory said there were three frogs in here the other day, but they had disappeared.  Henry says to Gwilym.  Shall we see if there are any in there today?

The boys look in the pond carefully....  

Look there is one!

Having been distracted by the frog they forget they were going to try and find the other boys.  Instead they sit and chat.

I think I heard Mum say she was going to start on your matching socks tonight.  I overhear Henry telling Gwilym.  Guess I better then!


  1. Great photos and fabulous story!
    Judy b

    1. Thank you for visiting Judy, so glad you enjoyed the story.

  2. Great photo story Lorraine and the boys outfits are adorable Thanks for sharing Theresa x

    1. Thanks so much Theresa, I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy this!

  3. Very cute Lorraine, I love it. Rosie.

  4. Go for it boys - build that tree house before winter sets in then if it snows you can sit in the tree house with mugs of hot chocolate and enjoy the view of the garden.

    1. Indeed that is their plan...although rain scuppered all thoughts of starting to build today.

  5. I love your story and the frog was cute! :)

  6. Their very own tree house! How exciting! Would have loved one myself in my youth!


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