Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Year Long Challenge comes to an end...

A year ago today I made a blog post about a 'Challenge of the Utmost Kind' that I set myself.

I think on a whole I have done really well at this.  I had a couple of exceptions...

1.  If I manage to go to the Sasha Festival
2.  If family gift me some cash to buy something for the dolls (highly unlikely!)

I did get to the Sasha Festival and bought some very special and lovely outfits while there which I showed in the festival posts I wrote up after the Sasha Festival.

I did get given some cash to buy something for the dolls (which surprised me!)

Now I wasn't perfect by a long shot.  I did have a couple of 'slips' if you want to call them that when I saw something extra special that I probably wouldn't have made myself and this actually made getting them more of a treat as I really thought about it first.  

This was a really good challenge to do for me and it kept me focussed.  I am going to continue with it as I enjoy seeing my dolls in clothing I have made for them.  Ideally I would like to make them all something for each season.

So far the girls all have Christmas dresses, and an Autumn beret. Most of them have a summer dress.  The boys all have a Christmas waistcoat and most have a pair of cords and a shirt, but this needs to be refined. I think this will be a fun project to slowly work on as and when I feel like it.

It is a great way for their personalities to shine through as well and to get to know each doll better.

Six of the boys have already started wearing their Christmas clothes...I think they are hopeful that they will get to open the Christmas Advent Calendar tomorrow...but they did it last will have to have a think on this!

Peter, Rory, Simon, Caleb,and the twins Connor and James.

Not sure I agree with all their mixing and matching there may well be some changes in the next few days!


  1. I was going to do this challenge too and then quickly forgot about it, however, I have to say that apart from shoes/boots from Jean Jensen and Ruth, I don't think I've bought hardly any clothes for my dolls at all in the last year!! I've made everything because it really is what I enjoy doing. I've even made some shoes, sandals and boots, so I won't beat myself up about not remembering! LOL
    I think a couple of the boys have obviously dressed themselves....well they do get full marks for being colourful!!! And as long as they're happy......!

    1. Ah that is right I remember now Sharon ;-) There is definitely a certain satisfaction and enjoyment from making and dressing the dolls ourselves. For me that is a big part of the hobby. I need to try again to make some shoes and boots. I made Henry's 'King Henry V's' boots for the Sasha festival last year and one pair of boots this year, but that is all.

      Oh yes as for the boys...I will be persuading them, gently, that they need to reconsider just quite what they are wearing...still they made the effort ;-)


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