Friday, 22 November 2013

Busy Baking.

The girls have been very busy today preparing for Peggy Sue's surprise birthday party.

Emily explains that they must wear aprons and have their hair tied back when they are cooking

She helps Sasha with her hair while Lottie looks on.

There you go Sasha, all tied back neatly.

Emily then helps Lottie with her hair.

Gosh you have very thick hair don't you Lottie.  I can only get the hair band round once. 

Still I am sure it will do.

Lottie puts on her apron and then goes and helps Sasha with the preparing of the ingredients while Emily checks the first batch of cakes which are in the oven.

Sasha and Lottie chat about the different types of cakes they will be making.

Emily checks the cakes to see how they are cooking.

They are looking good, about five more minutes should do it.  

She puts them back in the oven and closes it

How you get on Sasha & Lottie.  I am almost ready for the next lot of cakes.  
Just got to check the pot in the main oven.

Emily opens the oven to check on the casserole that is cooking

She is hoping it is done soon so that they can use both parts of the oven to bake their cakes.

She is very careful while she checks making sure she has her oven gloves on.

Nearly done.  She sighs.  I think the boys are going to need this later as it is so cold out.

There seems to be a lot of chit chat going on between Sasha and Lottie and Emily checks that they are actually making some progress with the mixing!

I'm just passing Sasha the milk Lottie explains.

Jolly good, looks like the mixture will be ready soon.

The girls continue with their baking for most of the day.

A lot of treats will be in store!


  1. Love,love, love! Why am I surprised they have aprons, which I love!!!!! LOl!!! What fun they are having !!! Love that you also put their hair back too!!!! Looks like they will all be busy for awhile!!!!! Di

  2. Absolutely fantastic cooking props! Great post.
    Wishing that I had such super cooking utensils in my kitchen and that I could cook that well.

  3. Wonderful post! Loved the peak into their world. They are wonderfl.

  4. We will be bring some cookies to the party !! We will have extras in case of lots of extra friends coming!! Will be great fun! The girls are quite excited! See you soon, thanks for the fun Lorraine! Di & the girls!

  5. Just wonderful, I can't wait to see the cakes, what a feast awaits everyone. Exciting!


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