Friday, 15 November 2013

Autumn Pinafore Swap - Part Eight

Probably the last of the Autumn Pinafore Swap reveals.  I am showing all the pictures today that I have been sent, even though I still haven't heard if some have been received and also if some have even been sent! Please people, you may know that you have sent and received, but I don't and for the sake of keeping a good record and being a good swap partner, please let me know, it is much appreciated.  I know of at least one person who hasn't received their swap as they have contacted me, but there are still some 'gaps' where I don't know what is happening/has happened!  I am putting this on here as I haven't had any response to the emails, so if any of the participants who haven't yet contacted me, can update me that would be great! Please check the swap page here to see if 'sent and received' is marked against your name. It may be that I have missed an email, or otherwise, but it will help if I can update the page fully.  Thank you so much.

Anyway on to the pictures.

Penny and Jackie were partners and Jackie made this quilted pinafore to send to Penny

Fabulous Autumn Pinafore.

Penny used brown colour scheme as well for the pinafore she sent to Jackie.

I love the interesting edging which makes it a little different and special.

Holly was paired with Patricia S.  Holly has heard that her pinafore has been received, but unfortunately so far she hasn't received anything and is having trouble contacting Patricia as am I hence putting this on here. So if you are reading this Patricia could you please email either one of us.  Much appreciated!

This is the cute pinafore and matching panties with little handbag that Holly sent to Patricia.

Nancy and Stephanie were partners and I have recorded that both were sent, but not that Stephanie has received.  I am hoping this is just an oversight in contacting me and that you have received your pinafore Stephanie.

This is the pinafore that Stephanie sent to Nancy.  I just adore the lovely flowers - what a fun pinafore.

Geraldine and Pat were partners.  I have heard from Geraldine that she sent her swap to Pat (if I recall Pat was one of the first to get her pinafore made and posted).  Unfortunately I haven't heard if Pat has received this, I am assuming she has so I am showing the photo of the lovely pinafore that Geraldine sent to Pat.

I love the attention to detail - the cute little owl on the front pocket and the matching blouse.

All in all, I think I can say for everyone that took part that this was an incredibly fun and creative swap.  It was very enjoyable finding out what everyone made and sent to their partners and how they used their imaginations to all produce something unique and special.  I have had some wonderful feedback from participants about the fun they had making these, which is what it is all about  - having fun and giving something a little bit special and individual to a Sasha friend.  

Thank you!


  1. Wow, no two of all the pinafores in the entire swap are similar, they are all distinctive.

  2. Again some great designs with unusual details. Congratulations to everyone who took part and special thanks to Lorraine for organising the event.

  3. ...............just to endorse everything that Kendal has said. Well done Lorraine and a big thank you. Jude D

  4. Organizing a swap is a lot of work - and it isn't just about pairing up the names. All the pictures I've seen have been wonderful - so much creativity and beautiful workmanship.

    I hope that everyone who participated is pleased, I know I was thrilled with mine!

  5. Thank you Anna, Kendal, Jude and Janet for your kind comments. I was a bit worried that what I had written might come across the wrong way when requesting people confirm whether sent and received. It just helps make everything run a lot smoother! Plus I then don't have to worry about whether things have gone wrong!

    I think this swap was really amazing and it was even better than I had expected seeing all the fabulous pinafores that resulted. I think I will make this an annual event as everyone had so much fun!


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