Saturday, 16 November 2013

Danni gets a new dress.

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Danni arrived home from being restrung by Brenda Walton on Tuesday and I finally got round to making her a new dress to celebrate non-floppy limbs!

This is a lovely soft pin corduroy with cute little teddy bears on it.  I have a blue in this fabric as well and will make some up in both colours I think.


  1. Danni is so sweet in her warm red dress - I bet she just loves those tumbling teddies!

  2. Particularly cute, both Danni and the dress. I find it difficult to find the right weight and design (meaning tiny motifs) corduroy, so am doubly drawn to this outfit.

  3. Delightful doll and dress. I'm very partial to these little bar shoes and remind me so much of the famous Startright shoes that we always used to wear. (Remember just how hard it was to get that button to go through the hole at first until it had become somewhat softened?)

    So many of my dolls have that 'flopiness of limbs' and are quite desperate to get to Brenda's!


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