Friday, 29 November 2013

Secret Santa Swap - Posting Day!

Goodness where did this month go?

Today is supposed to be the last posting date for those Secret Santa Gifts, especially if being sent overseas.

I have to admit that mine won't be sent until Monday due to an awful pain flare-up the last two weeks which put a bit of an abrupt stop to sewing and knitting.

I hope everyone else is on track.  I have heard from a few people to say their gifts are on the way, but still many to confirm posting.


  1. Do hope you're feeling a little better today Lorraine. Forgot to confirm I posted a week ago last Friday. Jude D

  2. Nov.30 Mine went out yesterday. Lorraine I can not send you messages they do not go through.
    If you can send me my partners e-mail I can forward messages and photo's through her,
    Do hope all is well.
    Betty B.


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