Thursday, 21 November 2013

Planning a party.

What are you doing Emily?  Sasha asks as she wanders over to see what Emily is writing.

I'm planning a party.  Emily tells Sasha.

What party?  Sasha asks.

Well, it is Peggy Sue's birthday on Saturday so I thought we would have a surprise part for her.  Emily explains.

Oh how exciting.  Sasha gasps.

Lottie walks over to see what the girls are doing.

Hi Lottie.  Emily says.

Hi.  Lottie replies.  Do you need any help or ideas?

Oh yes please, all ideas are welcome.  Said Emily.

So far I have cakes, games, drinks and decorations written down on my list. Emily tells the girls.

But wait! Sasha gasps.  Do you have a dress?  You can't go to a party dressed like that.  They are okay for messing around with Henry, but this is going to be a dressing up party!

Well of course I do!  Lottie retorts.  Mum may have forgotten to pack a sweater for me, but she did pack a dress 'just in case it is needed'.  

Although secretly at the time Lottie thought it was completely unnecessary to pack a dress, now she is secretly pleased as the party does sound rather exciting as the girls plan to invite their friends from 'all around the world'.  

Phew that is a relief! Thinks Sasha.

What do you mean 'all around the world'.  Lottie asks Emily and Sasha.

Well... Emily starts to explain.  This is going to be both a real party and a virtual party.  So those that can't ACTUALLY make it in person, can come in virtual reality.  They can dress up, tell us what they would like to eat, and even send us a photo if they want.

Oh what fun it sounds!  I wonder how many of our friends will come?

To join in is simple, just leave a comment or send an email about what you are planning to wear and if you are going to bring some party food, let us know what you will be bringing.  If you want to send a photo as well to be posted on the party page please feel free to do so.  It should be a fun party!
(It is open to any type of doll Sasha or otherwise!)


  1. Sounds like wonderful fun! I'm sure several of our gang will be so excited to come!

    1. Fabulous, it is going to be some party...just hope Peggy Sue won't be too overwhelmed by it all!

  2. What a great idea ,some of my older girls are already searching thier wardrobe to see what they can wear! I'll remind them that they will need to bring some food too.

    1. Wonderful Michelle, can't wait to see what they decided to wear! :-)

  3. Am only just catching up on the blog posts that I follow as have been 'out and about' over the last few days. Will pass on your message to the Brood and see who can come and what they can bring food wise......via the internet.
    Great idea!

    1. Brilliant, what fun they are all going to have!

  4. Maisie and Anna would love to attend. They will be wearing their smocked deess from the Sasha Festival this past summer. They will be ringing some little jam sandwiches to share.

  5. Packed and busy weekend now upon us, so our Sasha family might not be able to join the party until Sunday afternoon which is a bit late... I hope Peggy Sue enjoys her birthday party with all her friends.


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