Saturday, 31 December 2011

Secret Santa Swap Gifts Revealed - Part One.

Something we have all been waiting for, the grand reveal of all the wonderful gifts received from their Secret (and not probably not so secret) Santa.  Some gifts are still to be received, but everyone has sent their parcels so I am just hoping they have been delayed in the Christmas post and not gone AWOL.  

Everyone has done remarkably well and it is quite obvious a lot of thought and care has been put into the assembly of the gifts and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we are all thrilled with our gifts and thank our Secret Santa's very much for the kindness and generosity.

First up we have the gifts received by Anna  from Margaret.  Anna is fairly new to the world of Sasha and has her own lovely blog which can be  found here.  This is what she wrote to me about the swap

Thank you Lorraine for organising the swap - it was the first time I've participated in such a thing online, and I really enjoyed making items to send (and I'm glad they went down well) and receiving a surprise for my dolls from someone else. Most of us don't expect to ever meet the people on this forum because we're all around the world, so taking part in the swap was a good way of getting to know people in the Sasha world a little better.

It is the first time I have organised a swap on this scale and actually the only the second time I have organised a swap, a I think it has worked out quite well.  I boldly volunteered on the Sasha-Mart Yahoo group little realising quite what work was involved, but it has been worth it, and has certainly kept me busy.

Anyway on to the photos.

Gregor (Nicholas James) wearing a great NOEL jumper and jeans.

Sasha (Florence) wearing a very pretty dress

Wonderful hat, jumper and pants for Gregor, & Christmas heart that Anna sent to Ginger.


Next up we have the wonderful parcel of goodies received by Dee from Jinny Lee.


Fanny received some lovely gifts from Rochelle.

Wow, this package feels very soft, wonder what's in it.

Hey baby there is something for you too

Posing in our new clothes


Gill received this lovely selection of goodies from Jackie P.

Wonderful gifts and Gill is thrilled with them Jackie.


Jackie received an amazing parcel from Ginger

I think her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she received this and is very thankful.


 Michelle received from Lorraine (aka me)

Teaset, apron, Christmas trousers and Christmas dress, teddy, doll and a pinwheel brooch for herself.


Monica received from Sonya this lovely set.

Doesn't her toddler look so cute in it?  Monica also has a blog which is found here 


Sonya received this lovely dress and goodies from Maureen

Isn't that the sweetest dress?  


Winnie received from Fanny a lovely outfit for Baby Sasha...

A cute book, socks and and sandals.  Wonderful!


I received from Jean these wonderful goodies.

Beautifully wrapped.

A cute little notebook and pattern.

This wonderful leather vest/waistcoat modelled by Clementine my Harlequin

Super boots to match.

A pair of boots for Gregor.

I am thrilled with them Jean, thank you so much they really are wonderful.


I'm still waiting for more photos so part two still to come.


I hope you have all enjoyed the swap as much as I have enjoyed organising it.  

I think it is a wonderful way in which to share our hobby and love of these beautiful dolls and to share a little kindness, love and generosity. 

Thank you to everyone who took part and made this so swap so much fun.

Please I'd love to hear your comments, don't be afraid of leaving any :-)


  1. The photos of my Gregor (photos 3 and 4) show Nicholas James wearing the items I sent to Ginger in the USA.
    Best wishes

  2. Dear Anna, your Nicholas James looks wonderful in the outfit you made for Finn. I do not knit and so appreciate your time and skill devoted to making the gifts. Thank you again and a big Sasha hug is coming your way, Ginger

  3. Thank you Ginger, I wish I had made more. I enjoyed planning the pattern for Finn, this was a one off in those colours (I don't have enough wool of those colours to repeat it exactly).


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