Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Henry's new cardigan & some more dresses for sale.

I finished Henry's new cardigan this afternoon and he seems quite taken with it.

I used variegated sock yarn...yes I was supposed to be making myself a pair of socks with it, but decided on a cardigan for Henry instead.  Not sure if I would make a cardigan again though with this sort of wool as I'm not sure I like the 'uneven' effect.  I don't mind it on a jumper, but with a cardigan, not so keen.

I've also finished some more dresses.

Amber is modelling 'Zen Blossom', a pretty long sleeve dress with elasticated cuffs.

Next we have 'Country Holiday'

Perfect for the Christmas/Winter season with its snowmen, ice skates and mittens.

Lastly a very pretty dress made with Ozark calico in soft green, a colour not often seen on Sasha, but looks lovely on her.

Very hard to get the true colour to show though unfortunately in the winter light.

All three dresses are now sold thank you.


  1. lovely dresses, lorraine.

    Very tempting, but I have sold my soul to Dollydoodles this month!
    Wondering if I tell my girls their christmas presents shrunk in the wash down to Sasha size, do you think they'd believe me!! LOl

  2. Henry really looks good in his the colours...hope your feet don't get cold :)


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